Who We Are

Garrison & Sloan currently provides canine detection services in various cities around the USA, Canada, the Caribbean, and Europe. We will be happy to service you as needed at any location. Garrison & Sloan has been servicing the cruise line industry since 2001 and law enforcement agencies since 1984.


The training facility is located on a 5-acre ranch in Miami, FL. Complete with a United States Police Canine Association obstacle course, vehicles, boxes, pallets, buildings, and hundreds of surrounding acres for open area searches, the facility is primed for proper detection training to bring you the highest quality canine teams.

Between 2001 & 2016, Garrison & Sloan Conducted the Following Number of Explosive and Narcotic Searches for Private Organizations & Government Agencies without missing A single service call

Ship Explosive Searches

Corporate Explosive Searches

Narcotic Searches

Government Explosive Searches


k9 Certifications

Garrison & Sloan canine teams are certified through FIU/IFRI, FLECA, US Army RDECOM, USAF, DCJS, NNDDA, or DOD standards.

Exceptional Service … Global Protection