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Since 1985, Tony has been an international trainer and competitor in the areas of police work, narcotics detection, explosives detection, home protection, business protection, Schutzhund, & KNPV Police Training. He’s been featured in numerous international television stations exhibiting him as one of the top dog trainers in the World. Tony’s featured accomplishments throughout the years include:

  • Head Trainer for the DISIP K9 Unit of the Venezuelan Government – 15 explosive detection canine teams deployed for security purposes at the World OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) prior to September 11th, 2001.
  • Head Instructor for C.E.S.A. (Cuerpo Especializado de Seguridad Aeropuertaria – Airport unit) – Contracted by the U.S – State Department to lead explosive detection canine teams for deployment as at the Pan-American Olympic Games of 2003 in the Dominican Republic.
  • Head Trainer for the C.E.S.A Unit Explosives Detection Program–Selected by the United States government to pioneer their explosives’ detection program by training 2 supervisors and 5 canine teams in 2000.
  • Head Trainer of the Dominican Republic DEA-DNCD–Selected by the U.S. State Department to lead their arcotics Detection program in the Dominican Republic. A program starting with only 5 canine teams and ending up with a total of 23 teams for deployment within 2 years.
  • Canine Team Trainer & Supplier (Green Zone in Iraq, Dubai and Afghanistan)–Contracted through Canine Associates International to provide the originally deployed teams in 2004 and 2005.
  • IFRI Trainer and Evaluator–Certified by the IFRI program, a joint effort of the International Forensic Science Research Institute Florida International University and the National Forensic Science Technology Center, to provide an independent scientific validation of canine detection teams.
  • Head Trainer–Preparing canine teams since 1987 in obedience, protection, narcotics or explosives detection, and agility for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Evaluation and Certification.
  • Miami-Dade Police Department Certified Instructor (Criminal Apprehension)–Preparing canine teams since 1987 for criminal apprehension.
  • Head Trainer, USPCA canine teams–In 1999, Head Trainer of the only dual purpose canine team in history of the United States Police Canine Association to obtain 200 points out of 200 for narcotics’ detection and Recipient of the “Fred Wheeler Award” (highest combined score in obedience and criminal apprehension). Most Guzman dogs have placed in the top ten in the United States Police Canine Association Nationals and Regional’s in different categories for the last 30 years.
  • World Championship Belgian Malinois Team Member–Selected in 2002 as one of four Americans to represent the U.S.A. in Slovenia with his Belgian Malinois “Ficco Vom Roten Falken.”
  • Certificate of Appreciation recipient from Singapore K9 Units–Recognized by Singapore K9 for the enhancement of their canine program after completion of a K9 seminar in the Netherlands.
  • Recognized by numerous police agencies in the United States and across the world for seminars.
  • Approached consistently by other canine professionals in his field for his advice on training techniques and the success of his methods.
  • Featured on the cover of Dog Sports Magazine (October 1993 and April 1995 Issues) and Ray Allen Magazine (1996 issue).
  • Featured in numerous local news articles in the Miami Herald, Sun Sentinel and various newspapers for accomplishments related to the police agencies he has supplied and trained canines for during the last 30 years.
  • Featured in numerous international television stations exhibiting him as one of the top dog trainers in the world.
  • Awarded World and National Achievements as a K9 competitor throughout the years.
  • Awarded Regional, National and International achievements in various trial Championships.
  • Selected as a member of the USA to represent the world team in Slovenia along some of the best trainers in the world.
  • Selected in 1996 as the first and only American invited to the Dutch KNPV (Dutch National Police) night trials with his K9 companion Dennis–a prestigious, invitation-only competition in the Netherlands.
  • Placed 4th in the Nation with his K9 companion “Cornel” receiving top scores.
  • Received the prestigious Silver Medal in the DVG championships.
  • Awarded Regional Champion numerous times with his K9 companion “Ficco.”
  • Awarded South Florida club champion placing the highest score possible; 298 out of 300 points.
  • Awarded 1st place trophies in tracking, obedience, & criminal apprehension at various championships around the United States.
  • Selected as Winner of the rotating trophy trial in 1989 under world recognized trainer, competitor and German judge “Paul Thiessen.”
  • Trained various individuals in the Schutzhund competitor circuit including Olympic Silver Medalist in Equestrian “Lisa Jacquin.”
  • Solicited as a coach to top competitors in the field today following retirement.


Garrison & Sloan Field Operations Manager since 2000
Police Officer and K9 Handler for the City of Miami since 1989


1996 – 480 Basic Utility Course–K9 Patrol
1997 – 240 K9 Narcotics Detection Course
1999 – IFRI / NFSTC Narcotics Detection Re-Certification, Florida International University
2000– Master Trainer Certificate–Explosive Ordinance Detection, Metro Dade K9 Police Dog Training Center
2011 – IFRI / NFSTC Explosive Detection Re-Certification, Florida International University

Professional Memberships:

Fraternal Order of Police–Miami Police Benevolent Association, United States Police Canine Association
Security Clearance–FBI Title Three Clearance, DEA–US Customs Clearance
Civil Service Grades–Association Police Officer


John was a police officer for the Miami Shores Police Department for over 25 years and a K9 handler for over 18 years. John competed at the United States Police Canine Association trials and placed as high as 8th place overall in Regionals and 2nd place agility in Nationals. Other accomplishments include: 3rd place in the USPCA Nationals in 2009, 6th place overall in Region 1 trials in 2009, 2nd place Region 1 trials overall in 2010.

John was the head K9 Trainer in charge of the Miami Shores Police Department K9 Unit for numerous years–an elite K9 unit which now consists of 3 active working and competition canines.

He was the head trainer in charge of preparing his teams for competition at the United States Police Canine Association Regional and National events. All three Miami Shores dogs placed in the top 20 in the USPCA trials in 2007 including two new handlers with only six months canine experience. His accomplishments include: 3rd place in the USPCA Nationals in 2009, 6th place overall in Region 1 trials in 2009, 2nd place Region 1 trials overall in 2010.

John is a certified FDLE canine instructor and evaluator, training many dogs in patrol, narcotics, and explosives detection for various agencies from the State of Florida to Tennessee. In addition, John is an instructor at the Criminal Justice Institute of Police at the Miami Dade Community College. John is awaiting approval from the USPCA to be a certified trainer for their organization and is in the process to become a USPCA judge. His recognizable passion and success for training top quality canine teams led him to the decision to continue training K9 teams full-time for Garrison & Sloan after retiring from the police force.


Juan came to Metro Dade K9 Police Dog Training Center for the first time in 1999 for a Narcotics Training Class with the DNCD (DEA) Military class of the Dominican Republic. He spent 5 weeks in training with his new K9 partner “Aslan.”

Tony recognized his immense talent and excellent performance and invited him to join the Metro Dade K9 Police Dog Training staff in 2000, thus beginning his career as a Police K9 trainer. Since joining Garrison & Sloan 17 years ago, Juan has trained numerous dogs and canine teams across the United States, South America, Canada and the Caribbean for Patrol, Narcotics Detection, and Explosive Detection under the tutelage and supervision of Tony.

Juan is an observant and patient trainer that tailors his approach to the needs of each individual handler and canine. He is Tony’s trusted assistant whose knowledge and canine aptitude has led him to successfully train in many areas such as home and business protection, police work, and canine detection. Juan manages the training facility and is in charge of maintenance training of the dogs on a daily basis in all aspects. Juan is an IFRI and FLECA certified handler with various canines in both explosive detection and narcotic detection.


Anthony has been watching his father train dogs since the day he was born and eagerly began training his first obedience dog at age 7 and started protection training at age 11.

Anthony is a certified trainer and an assistant instructor in the areas of obedience, criminal apprehension, explosive detection, and narcotic detection. Anthony is an IFRI and American Working Dog certified handler in the discipline of explosive and narcotic detection. He is also certified through the Florida Law Enforcement Canine Association (FLECA). Anthony is the lead decoy for several law enforcement agencies in the State of Florida and has assisted in several seminars involving criminal apprehension. He frequently participates in field training exercises throughout the year with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to ensure canine reliability.

Anthony is instrumental in the new prospect canine selection process. He travels around the world testing and evaluating prospective Garrison & Sloan canines to determine their temperaments, abilities, and aptitude for training and service. His instincts for canine selection and development have garnered him respect and recognition in the industry. Once selections are made, Anthony implements advanced technical training techniques to develop new prospect canines and handlers for Garrison & Sloan, preparing them for deployment at various ports and facilities around the country.


Prior to joining the Garrison & Sloan training team, Brandon provided safety and protection for local civilians with the United States Marine Corps with Operation Iraqi Freedom and them proceeded to serve as team leader in Antigua Operation Trade Winds. In the United States, he was Squad Leader for 3rd Battalion, 24th Marines in Smyrna, TN.

Following his service, Brandon sought to become an explosives canine handler. But his leadership and performance propelled him to join the training team at the facility. Brandon currently assists with explosive and narcotic training of new prospect canines from Europe. He introduces Garrison & Sloan prospect canines to an immense variety of surroundings and stimuli to prepare them for the many different locations and surroundings our clients need. Brandon is certified as an explosive and narcotic canine handler through IFRI, American Working Dogs, and National Narcotic Detector Dog Association. He also works as a handler at various ports around the State of Florida and serviced “Operations Christmas Child” in Charlotte, NC.