Between 2001 & 2016, Garrison & Sloan Conducted the Following Number of Explosive and Narcotic Searches for Private Organizations & Government Agencies without missing A single service call

Ship Explosive

Corporate Explosive


Government Explosive


Key Things To Consider


Selected by Miami Dade Police Department & Miami International Airport to provide 6 highly trained Explosive Odor Pursuit® and Suspect Odor Pursuit® Canines as part of their advanced airport security measures

Selected by Norwegian Cruise Lines to set up and train Dual Purpose Patrol/Narcotic Detector canine teams for their private Stirrup Cay Island

Selected by Disney Cruise Lines to provide security in Freeport, Bahamas with 3 explosive detector teams and 1 narcotic detector team

Selected by Norwegian Cruise Lines to provide security at the 2016 Olympic Games for passengers staying on board the Norwegian Getaway in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Selected by the Port Director at the 2016 Olympics Games to provide explosive detection security for port terminal security, dockside port security, and vehicle transportation for the U.S. Men’s and Women’s Basketball Team.


Selected by Prestige & Oceania Cruise Lines to provide explosive detection services for their Miami, Vancouver, and Seattle ports of call

Selected by the US State Department and the Trinidad  & Tobago Government Agencies to provide canine and training for over sixty police service dogs


Selected by Disney Cruise Lines to provide canine explosive detection teams at major U.S. seaports around the USA and Canada.


Selected by Carnival Cruise Lines to provide canine explosive detection teams at major U.S. seaports around the USA, the Caribbean & Canada.


Tested, evaluated & selected by the National Geospatial Intelligence agency to provide canine explosive detection teams to protect their main headquarters in Bethesda, MD. & site locations at Reston, VA, Washington DC, St. Louis & Arnold Missouri. NGA is the nation’s premier source of geospatial intelligence for the DOD & U.S. intelligence community.

Selected by the US State Dept. to provide 13 canines for narcotics detection for the government of the Dominican Republic.


Presentation to the Coast Guard of Miami to instruct Coast Guard Officers at the Port of Miami on how to know & detect if canine handlers from private companies are appropriately conducting explosive searches and what to look out for to prevent mistakes that can potentially become catastrophic.


Selected by the committee on Homeland Security – House of Representative 109th Congress to speak regarding standardization in the private industry of canine detection training & companies alongside:

Special Agent Terry Bohan, Chief ATF;
Mr. David Kontny; Director Explosives Canine Detection Team – TSA;
Mr. Lee Titus – US Customs & Border Patrol Canine Program & Dr. Michael Moriarty, VP Research Auburn University.

“While conducting sweeps for explosives ahead of the first Iraqi elections after the U.S. invasion, K9 Harry and his CAI handler located this cache of weapons outside of a proposed voting location.”


Selected by canine associates international as trainer and supplier of most of the canine teams that were originally deployed at the Free Zone in Iraq, Dubai and Afghanistan.


Selected by the US State Dept. to train canine explosive detection teams for security at the Pan-American Olympic games.


Commenced detection services for prestigious private corporations providing canine explosive detection services in several major cities nationwide as well as canine narcotic detection services in the U.S. and Caribbean.

The only canine detection company providing canine explosive detection teams to major cruise lines at various seaports around the USA, Canada, and the Caribbean.

1999 - 2000

Selected as first civilian trainer for the international forensics research institute which created the SWGDOG standards (scientific working dog group on dog & orthogonal detector guidelines)–a partnership of local, state, federal & international agencies including private vendors, law enforcement & first responders.

Selected by the Venezuelan government as trainer for the DISIP K9 unit for 15 canine explosive detection teams which were being deployed for security purposes at the world OPEC (organization of petroleum exporting companies) meeting in Venezuela prior to Sept. 11th, 2001.

Selected by the US State Dept. to train 15 canine narcotic detection teams & 10 canine explosive detection teams for their pilot program in the Dominican Republic.